Thursday, October 09, 2003

Hah! internet restored after 3 days....have been bombarded by mail.. most o it junk. but see this junk mail business is very dangerous.what if people were judged by the mail they get in thier inbox eh? eh? then according to my junk mail i would be bald , broke,impotent and in need of larger breasts. well if you are bald, impotent and need bigger breasts man you do have some serious problems...and i dont understand this the same mailer sends out spam advertising to the same inbox adverstiseing enlargement of certain male body parts(essential to the continuation of the human race[oh its a race is it what are the odds teh bookies have on it?]). as well as certain parts of the female anatomy..which though not as essential for teh aforementioned purpose still pretty usefull(if only for aesthetic value for teh time being but we will attend bio class a little later) and all:D. now right..i was never really good at human anatomy and all that but see wouldnt the existence of one such body part essentially preclude the existance of teh other in the same individual? i mean these are not stamens and pistils and all that for cryin out loud.....what were they thinking
i suppose thats the same question many people will ask(ie what was i thinking) when they read this. and speaking of bets and odds. what are teh odds that ill be buzzed after someone reads this .:D

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