Saturday, September 18, 2004

It was raining,I was on the bus to Nizamabad ,gazing out of the window,when suddenly I thought I saw a signboard in Tamil .in tweety bird style,I looked again (rubbernecking.).When I shouted I did, I did i did saw a puddytat..err a signboard.Oh crap.maybe I had boarded the wrong bus and ended up in TN. when suddenly I looked at the other sign boards and order was restored.there were signboards in every language cut to next scene

Next scene..Day one of trip had been rained out.No regular birding was we decided to see the sights of Nizamabad. We went to the old fort which allegedly was originally built in the 10th century, and retouched in the 18th century by the Asaf Jahs. The fort is divided now into three.A part of it is a reform school, the second a prison, the third a temple.The temple has been renovated like a thousand other and totally ruined...but what hasn't been touched (and thank god for that),is the meditation chamber.that was and dark , only illumination is from a small window.the effect was amazing,I am not good enough a writer to even try and explain, so I won't.You guys catch a bus to Nizamabad and have a look for yourselves.
Later the Priest took us around and showed us places and secret exits , something that most of the locals haven't had an opportuinity to experience.(thats why I said take up birdwatching).
So after the fort, we visited a temple and a church, saw a huge owl fly out from the gopura of the temple, and a couple of small ones from the top of the church( I have heard of Bats in the Belfry,but Owls?).This was a day of Dharmic Darshans..not being particularly religious, my quota of visiting religious places has been filled for some time to come. On the way back hogged some mirchi bajjis.which were amazing (but on a stomach left empty for seven hours, not such a hot idea as i would find out a little later).A lot of extra curricular activities occured later on. cut to next day

Day 2: Started at 5 AM.It wasn't raining, so after a brief celebration with Irani chai ,we went birding.First sight when we got off the jeep were travelling in was that of a crab on the road , pincers ready for attack , It was not some pidda little crab, this was huge.Oh in case you were wondering, the road was next to a lake, this was a regular water crab and not soem new species of land crabs.(or the other type of crabs one certain Mr.Puli Raja might be familiar with).
moved on birdwatching at various locations,I wont bother you with the details(If you want details wait for a few weeks, when the members of the Birdwatchers Soc. will be subjected to yours truly, through a peice on this trip,for the mothly newsletter) Here is a sneak preview anyway.Saw a tree full of sparrows(you know the ones we dont see anymore),A dozen blackheaded munia doing a little dance just for us (nach chamia err munia..) And a white throated munia trying to get into a Baya's nest ( motive? revenge?food?theft? was it carrying on with Mrs Baya? Or was it just a poor little door to door err.. nest to nest salesbird trying to make an honest living selling avian hygiene products?)
Breakfast was at a roadside place in an obscure village(not that obscure, there was a road, and a road side eatery)
Forget AC, the place didn't even have a proper floor (wonly mud).. what they did have was amazing idlis...for me to admit that..I must have been really hungry or the idlis must be amazing . this was followed by more Birding.including a black winged kite hovering for a mintue and a half.....and amazing lunch...(birding makes you hungry)
and we set of nizamsagar .Sights at Nizamsagar bus stops included 4 grey hornbills. from N'sagar we went to this remote village wich had a tree where hundreds of cormorants what a sight...and what a smell(phew all that guano) was pretty late by the time we got going...we stopped in the middle for.. ahem.. necessary reasons(like operation prevention of blader blast) when someone shouted "look at the sky" was a spectacular many stars...and loked even more amazing with was like being in the planetarium(only no seat and no AC.but hey no charge even)...went back tired and crashed at round midnight...Stories of the final day...a little later...cause I've run out of time...brb same place..a little later

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