Monday, September 27, 2004

Why Superhero Geek Man was never popular with the kids:

Let us examine some situations and see how our superhero reacts to them.

Case 1> Villain:(Having Trapped GM in an elctric chair type contraption) "Give it up geekman Resistance is futile."
GM: you are mistaken.The Resistance in 3.023 Kilo Ohms.

Case2 >Villain : I have got you where I want you.Now I shall relese the Kryptonite MWHAHA.
GM: excuse me. But such adn element doesn't exist.Even if it did, elements above the atomic number of 103 exist for fleeting you dont scare me.

Case 3> After rescuing pretty girl from clutches of evil overlord...Girl : "My hero" and tries to kiss him
GM: Cheeeeee. Do you know how many diseases you could catch like that?blech! yuck!!

Case4> Forget about X ray vision.Geekman had problems with his normal vision itself.little difficult to see whats behind a brick wall when your normal vision is -10.5.And in tough situations.Geekman sweated a lot and this caused his glasses to slip off,resulting in super blurred vision where he often confused a tea cosy for the villian's head, resulting in tougher situation involving his suspension over acid tanks etc, and brave girlfriend battling villian to rescue the superhero himself, tehreby resulting in a hugely popular spin-off series based on girlfirend.

now you tell me....

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