Saturday, September 25, 2004

Names :

Ok. I don't know what Umpire Peter Willey 's parents were thinking when they named him..I mean having a last name like Willey is bad enough without having a first name Peter I mean its like naming him Dick^2
Another remember spidey? Peter Parker that is..I wonder where he parks his peter? Mary Jane perhaps (or was it Gwen Stacy)

What about Little Richard then? thats like the opposite of self advertisement..

Closer to home...what about MrBalatkar? eh I wonder if he ever printed visiting cards (of course his name is pronounced slightly differently from you know...)

Or Mr Bhansode: man sounds like some one is calling you a cunt...
on telephone:Excuse me can I speak to Mr Bhansode :
Teri maa kids have no other work or what!making prank calls

Speaking of cunts.Came across this hilarious printing mistake once.."..classics like The Cunt of Monte Cristo.."

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