Sunday, March 06, 2005

I think I have a reasonable high threshold for tolerating so called 'bad smells', I guess it is because of the long hourse spent in various labs,or maybe it was just the stinking loos in NC that caused this resistance.Now till a few days ago I would have classified the worst smell I have experienced as being that of a blood sample gone you can smell that right across a lab...but that was before I met Mr S.This guy stinks so badly.Rumour has it that he was chucked out from the hostel for this reason. his former room mates tell me that the guy hadn't had a bath or washed his clothes ever since he joined the hostel two years ago. I mean to be chucked out of OU hostel takes some doing.Many people have even raised thier familes there...Now this guy insists on sitting just in front of me in class ,believe me ..I havent come across worse forms of torture..I'll even take my 8th class hindi master's "wall-chair" punishment.This is the only time I was gratefull I had a cold....Did I tell you he doesnt belive in brushing his teeth either....We know the guy has entered the university campus.We get the "charachteristic odour" when S reaches the Uni gate.considering the Uni gate is about a kilometer and a half from the department(at least).Maybe we could harness his power.Use lock him up in a perfume factory and unleash on "dushman desh" during times of international unrest and such like, like a sort of nucelar detterent, worse than mustard gas or nerve gas.

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