Friday, March 25, 2005

Venue: Sangeet theater (note : it is a cinema theater)

Question : Oooooooooh!! What are you doing here..

Some possible answers that run through me head:
I'm here to have my gall bladder removed.Wanna watch?
I'm here for the adventure sports.Standing in queues for one hour trying to get tickets is an adrenalin rush.
You see I have this rash....
I'm collecting air samples to do studies on communicable diseases. theaters are the best places to get maximum germs in sample.
I came to steal the tomatoes from the sandwiches.
MWHAHAH.Death to the infidel dogs.I have B.anthracis in this vial.
Ghar mein paani nahin aara. I thought I'd bathe in the loo here.In the washbasin.
Sabu applied formula 93 and so I landed here from Bhatinda.

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