Saturday, March 12, 2005

Its a mad mad world

The Prof walks into the class glares at all of us,then turns to the board and writes in capital letters SOD.
We thought,this was it, the Prof had finally lost it after years of teaching faaltu people like us and associating with chimpanzees err i mean the other professors .He had finally, lost control...
Alas this was not to be for after a brief pause he started talking about SuperOxide Dismutase.

Next class prof walks in looks at us and says"You off the fans my sound is not be vijible to you all"

Another one. Prof looks at us and asks "what is the region?"
As usual I was asleep and was woken up by nudge from classmate.
Prof repeated "what is the region"
I almost said Telangana.but i realised in time that I was pursuing a masters degree in Chemistry and not Geography, so I wondered what region had to do with it...then slowly it dawned on me...he was looking for a reason. for something...of course due to circumstances beyond my control like sleep...I could not answer that question and stated so...

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