Friday, October 10, 2008

The quote

“Mann ka ho to acchha. Mann ka na ho to zyada acchha !”

was about Punjabi pop music.

This was a complex joke.Where the joke part is imaginary


Cynic in Wonderland said...

I think i got it it went away. damnit!

Sheetal said...

Too late. This important consumer preference should have been communicated to Doordarshan, a week before New Year's 15 years ago.

Australopithecus said...

@cynic: too bad :P

Australopithecus said...

@sheetal: hehe yes. alas. too late now. those programmes were fun but..well i liked them at that time.
once DD had Anu Mallik and gang. that was hilarious AM sang he always does. it was so bad that it was fun.