Sunday, October 05, 2008

"Senior" :Welcome to Grad School Australopithecus. What are you in for?(like they do in prisons...makes one think.)

Me: A PhD. Hopefully will be done in 5 years.

"Senior" : looks at me strangely and gives what has often been described as a "hollow mirthless laugh" and goes away muttering "5 years, 5 years, 5 years"

Someone later tells me, he has been around the department for 8 years. And hasn't finished writing his thesis yet. Damn! That's scary.

I've got my own laptop now. for the first time ever I won't be sharing a computer with a family member. It is great news. I don't have to hide porn anymore. I can have it close by for ...err... easy reference.

I am also told that this means I no longer need to camp out in the lab/library to study.
This is where realization strikes ( like a trade union) "Oh! one can study in the library as well"
I've been abusing the library facilities. As a grad student, I can borrow 240 books at a time.
I've go a few...Wodehouse, Dorothy L Sayers, Agatha Christie, Leslie Charteris and the complete Peanuts from 1950 to 1952. Amazing. Some of the Wodehouses are first editions. I realized this slightly late , right after I've left my books lying near an open window when a hurricane struck.

I need to work on getting an internet connection.


It All Comes Around said...

And then we can talk on skype no? said...

haha, didnt you read enough phdcomics to know you probably wont be done in 5 years??

Australopithecus said...

@it all comes around: yes we can..btw if we can blog we can also write emails..

Australopithecus said... yus yus. correct

Cynic in Wonderland said...

i hate you. all those books. so little time. would contemplate extending the phd if i could borrow that many.

Australopithecus said...

@cynic: yes! and the books dont go back until january

Sharada said...

A laptop has been acquired. Very good. Now please send in birding accounts from your globe trotting. Deadline for submissions is 23rd of every month.:p :p

Sharada said...
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