Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'm sending for an application form right away!!!

I wanting human value education, selerperse (wonly degree)
I also want to introduce smart neat dress smile.
I joining here wonly for brotherhood and sister, and family life in education temple.

Father-mother reminds me of a rajnikanth dialogue form Guru-Sishya.
When Rajni says thats why your fathermother kept that name.

Edit: 10 mins later and I'm still laughing


Silpa Swarnapuri said...


Suku said...

Also they are having discipline- not wonly brotherhood is being there. Bais and girls nowadays not having much discipline and not being in appropriate dressing always. Satyabama College is being with Hindu tradition as described by ouer honorable yelders. Being important no?

Seema Smile said...

I want future life peaceful aallso and placement of company aalso in Arabia

Anonymous said...


CiW ( cant log in for some reason)