Thursday, July 31, 2003

i have nothing to's strange. four lettered words confusing issues . "Rey Dirty bugger",i mean student organisations. for those not familiar with the concept of student organisations, allow me.
these organisations (with names usually made up of four letters) allegedly are for the benefit of students adn are meant to addres student issues. but all the members (read !$#!@$!@) look as if they are the "baaps" of "four-four" childeren.Must have taken admission in 1968(BC?). when they inaugurated that library.there are books in the library that havetn been touched since the time of Mir Osman Ali Khan.yes yes Im exaggerating. but not by much.Back to Our four lettered jahnda waving friends..they have thier uses. it is these goons that ensure that the food in the canteen is cheap (just like them).imagine getting a plate of biryani for Rs 6.50 (saif are you reading?)
hey look ive spent 12 lines saying nothing.

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