Wednesday, July 16, 2003

smeagol, the workings of the female mind are beyond me.
>gollum gollum
anything to add?
>my precious, my precious?
whatever do you mean
i dont know what i mean, i dont have a mind .how can you expect me to!!!!
>of course i dont mind.
did any of this make sense to you.
well ,welcome to my world
>there is a difference between being open minded and having a hole in your
head,you know.
no i dont.
>well see ......thaaaaat is your problem
no my problem is i work on single brain cell.even that is thereatening to give up on me. then ill be all alone in the world without my neuron even :((
>that looks like a man with a mush scowling,.
why am i talking to myself
>why am i talking to myself
becaue its entertaining macha.
I wont grow up!!!
>yes.i can see.
what ,eh?

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