Thursday, July 24, 2003

mighty pissed off with the world right now .not conducive to humour.
all i can do is whine whine and whine some more( yes all dining)
university is the saddest place on earth. with the worst seniors imaginable.
!@#$^%#, the lot of them. and the most unimaginative ragging possible.
ragging at Msc level...isnt that a little too old to be indulging such nefarious activities....i guess not. repeat after me" u r only as old as you feel" thats why dirty old dudes go feeling up young women ,they want to "feel" young. YES!!!!
Anger and frustration have certainly warped my humour so i shall refrain from making any more err jokes.. if u can call them that. back later..when i've cooled down a bit.

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