Monday, July 21, 2003

realisation hit me today. it didnt gradually sink in like i thought it would. it snuck up behind me on tiptoe and hit me with a lead cosh.
i just realised one imporatant fact of life. no more NC.
none of that security(read aaram ki zindagi). no more skipped classes. no more running away form AA.and RDS. No more chats well into the evening
no more attending sociology/pol sci classes on the sly. no more Thurdsay quiz. no more wednesday GD no more the stairway to heaven or the gateway to more duping the canteen fellow. no more lofaing around near the well. no more ahem "extracurricular " activities. no more free attendaence . no more entering class 5 mintes before the end.
Shit ...i really miss that place.i really didnt think i would when i first joined .
all this ocoured to em on the bus journey to my first day at university.
the faculty seems to be good. will examine more closely
but then most classmates seem really sad.
but lets wait and see. all that "glisters" is not gold etc....
but well all i can say is that. one chapter has closed....on to the next one...

*why can't i skip this chapter and read the suspense? , eh?
hmmm. no fun in life without a few thrills, what?

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