Sunday, May 30, 2004

The answers to life's questions still lie in the hedge at the bottom of the garden.The task now is to find out which garden.
Now by the time the Answers are found the questions change.Thats the way the cookie crumbles,the rules of the game, you see?.
All questions dont have an answer. Some questions have more than one.

Comrade:This disparity should be removed.All questions should have an answer each.
What if there are more answers than questions?
Comrade: Well! then the Government will keep them and decide what too do with them and distribute it at our dicretion.
Answer:Hey! What do you mean by that! we dont agree .STRIKE!!!!
Comrade: This is a Communist country now. Strikes are illegal!!
Shoot them and drive tanks over them

Don't get carried away Comrade.You still have only 60odd seats in the Parliament..You rememebr Parliament, and elections no?This isn't China, you might have been misled when you walked down near h'nagar and n'guda seeeing all the noodle "bandis"

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