Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Doing Ungli"

Would getting honey from a hive be counted as a sting operation?

If I trapped 10000 killer bees in a pot and threw it at the Pakis would that be a stinger missile?

How many microphones make a meghaphone?

Do they win a Cold Medal at the Winter Olympics?

Thats all for today folks (insert Porky Pig/Elmer Fudd voice)
For more information on "doing ungli" contact Mr Greg Chappell.


Non-Sensei said...


Kele Panchu said...

Brilliant! :)

I said...

@NS & Kele panchu: Thanks but not all the khattas are mine..just some.

Lee said...

Yep, Greg's the right man! And the answer to the 1st q would be a yes... i happen to have experience!

ganty said...

saar unga blaag sooperub saar. saar unga blaaag dinamum one time padippen saar... namba kooda blaag pannuvom saar... enga friend(vekkamaa irrukku) lord of all things oda favorite blaagar saar neenga daivam maadiri enga blaag padicheenganaa engalakkum ennoda friendukkum romba santhoshamaa irukkum
saar blogukku vandaa kandippa comment adikkanum saar

Perihelion said...

In the face of other things, australopithecus (where did you get that name, out of a Tin Tin comic??), this is very refreshing.

I said...

@lee: hehe. stung by bees? you will appreciate a certain post coming up shortly

@ganty: :D es.will do.

@perihelion: in face fo otehr things? pls to elaborate...alas what to do..my parents named me thus. and im stuck with it.