Saturday, February 11, 2006

The loud clapping you hear emanating from my house is not because we particularly enjoyed that Shahid Afridi's hoick while watching the highlights.Nor are we and extremely over enthu family that keeps giving Hi-Fives for small small things (Arey I ate breakfast [hi5 hi5]arey! I polished my shoes [hi5 hi5] arey I went to the loo [ err I hope you washed your hands])It is because someone at home did not bother closing the door after them (like Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore),We have now set up a mini blood dontation camp at home.We donate to the mosquitoes.
Now since there are a lot of pigs around (and I am most certainly not talking about myself) superparanoid family member (mom of course) goes into high gear describing sources ,causes and effects of such vile diseases as Malaria, Japanese Encephelitis and of course my favourite Dengue fever.
Mom:"These Mosquitoes are vectors of such horrible diseases like blahblahblahblah"
Us: Huh?Vectors do we need to take a cross product?
Coming back to dengue fever.Apparenlty dengue fever is carried by a mosquito called the Aedes aegypti.
Someone said that it was a 'day biting' mosquito.If it were a day biting mosquito what do humans have to fear from it?Let the day take care of itself. I wish I had known that some..err..many years ago when they actually asked about it in an exam....Oh and it was around 10-12 years ago that we were first aware of a Dengue epidemic.Having the filthy minds that we still do we slightly modified the pronunciation of the word to obtain maximum entertainment for least investment.Telugu speakers musta cottoned onto this by now if they haven't actauly done this and asked seemingly innocent questions to the biology teacher.
example: "Teacher.What is this Dengu fever?" at which point from the back of the class many voices would shout Dengai Dengai.


Anil said...

I almost fell off my bed lauging after I read the last sentence. Yeah, maximum entertainment for least investment tít was in those days!

Anonymous said...

Total Dengu(e)-fication wonly... LMAO!!!

Lord of all Things said...

hehe !dengued!!;) on the road to recovery??
btw my fone is going 2 be buried officially today .. so plz attend ceremony..!
dad is going 2 sing the funeral song and im going 2 dance to the tunes:(
poor thing was nice when it lasted:(

Non-Sensei said...

Us baays in junior college...

teacher : can you hear me there at the back?
Us: no meydum...lauda! lauda!