Friday, February 24, 2006

Why would parents name thier kid "Randy"? When I first heard this name (on Tim Allen's Home Improvement where one of the cahrachters has the misfortune of being) I laughed for half an hour and it was not because of Allen's comedy.
Some useless trivia.Allen is actually Tim's middle name.His real surname happens to be Dick.I can imagine why he doesn't go around tom-toming it (or tim-tim ing it)
So if he weren't named Tim, but Randy...his classmates would've had an entertaining time.I am sure they must have had an entertaining time as it was.
Bachchas can be so cruel,Whoever said that "Bachche, man ke sachche" or childeren are innocnet etcetc..obviously never went to any of the schools that I attended (note: I said attended, and not studied in)
Back to being randy..err talking about the name"Randy"
How would he go and introduce himself?
Randy: "Hello! I am Randy"
M(r/s)X: Not just now, I have a headache.

Or if he were on a blind date?
date(spotting cahp with red rose or some such preararanged signal):"Hello! are you Randy?"
man with sign: "Yes, I am, but my name is Jim"


Anonymous said...

If u've read the book "The Inscrutable Americans" ... there is a character Randy ...and the main guy 'Gopal' i think .. gets confused the very same way ..

Anonymous said...

Anyways ... great blogs ..

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of inventing a logic gate... Called RAND gate... The output is always null... neither zero nor one. Get the drift? Heh...

Non-Sensei said...

btw,what happened to my cds then, eh?

Lee said...

Randy Dick.. now that would have been embarassing!