Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What have I been up to you ask? You didn't? I'll tell you anyway!

Friday: Jean-Luc Godard, Salvador Dali, Old Monk, vague discussions ranging from space-time to B Grade movies of the 90's among other things that lasted till 4 AM.

Saturday: Sleep Sleep and more sleep.... and reread some Biggles.

Sunday : Went all the way to Charminar. Pista house Haleem. Tried "veg" haleem, it seems like a glorified cross between upma and pongal...of course floating in ghee. The "normal" Haleem was as good as ever. Then there was some Paya at Shadaab, followed by mutton sheekh kababs. This caused vegetarian friend to remark "Bas kar saale log, nahin to kal subah good morning ke badle mein baaa baaa nikalinga". In retaliation we finished off his paneer tikka as well. This was topped off with "Mashoor" ice cream at Mozam Jahi market.

Monday: Woke up and tried to say good morning...It came out as baa baa. If it had, one could ahve written a song about it called Baa baa love, and dedicated to the Kiwis. Considered toss up between going birding and going to the derby on Tuesday. I've always found it funny that they insist on holding a race on the 2nd of October.

Tuesday : Happy the budday to Gandhi thatha. Birding cum picnic happened. Sat on the bank of a lake watching Terns, Ibis and various larks, while hogging sandwiches. Made the usual jokes about "doing it for a lark" and "aapka lark lark shukar hai"
Full mazza. Went home and read more Biggles.

So that was my weekend. No jokes here...go away.


tangled said...

Biggles yayyyyyyy

Silpa said...

Next time I come will you take me doing ALL of that?

Australopithecus said...

@tangled : a fan? or should i say a propeller?:P

Australopithecus said...

@silpa: first come na..then all this and more will be done.:)