Monday, June 14, 2004

College Fest '02:

That was baaad! All organised in bloody two days...and how!
I walk into college on fest day nice and early at 10:30 AM.These guys just pounce on me and shout"You are doing the quiz, You are doing the quiz" Senses already dull due to the early hour it took me a good 1 minute to understand the ramifications of that statement.
My reaction involved words describing the relations these various people had with closely related female and male members of thier respective families.Now I had other plans namely "Surya-Bar&Restaurant" and century wine shop, Oh yes there also was the small matter of the Saki play we were doing at that time (remember ppl?:D)
Anyway somehow or the other the questions got done.
Since the fest was done in bloody 2 days no one outside college knew about it,forget outside college.lots of people in college did not know.
They only found out about it when they were rudely awoken from thier drunken stupour by the sounds of 30000 watts blasting a zabardaast wonderfull gaana called mayadari maysammo..I think the DJ was called Nash..we called him Satya..StayaNash.(hehe,chuckle chuckle get it?)
anyway by the evening our quiz actually gotunder way when suddenly we saw this huge maar peet going on in college.Now maar peet in my college was nothing unusual.Neither was presence of police with lathis.Coming back to maar peet. It so happened that one of our revellers had a little too much to drink. So he thought that just dancing wasn't enough. He wanted some thrills. So he pulls out his knife and jumps around on the dance floor waving it about. now normally nothing would have happend.But Babu peeyeso tha na(i mean drunk ;)) coordination went phat,and boy hit if it was a normal someone, then he would have freaked and run.but no..this guy was from my college. we collegians dont give up all that easily(well most of the time we dont).So he again described those various relatives and what he would do to them and how many times and in what all locations.To add Injury to Insult he brained him.So it started with supporters of each person going at the supporters of the other. The language used was more colourfull than anything Govinda posesses in his wardrobe.So Police (who were already posted in anticipation of such an event occurring)stopped scratching various parts of thier anatomy and got into action.They cleared college in 15 minutes flat!so we went home.but the fest didnt stop. it went on the next day I am told.I wouldn't know.I had taken up temproary residence in Surya bar where this guy asked me "katte, aapke caalez(college) mein talwaraan leke maare katte".We just laughed(we, hey! I never drink alone. I'm not an alcoholic you know,at least,not yet)

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