Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Speaker:You see,in the month of May a lot of butterflies fly toward Charminar area. Kaiku? Namaz padne ku jaare kya? No.No.It is because Charminar is in the SouthEast.The Butterflies migrate.Where to?I dont know.
S: You see,the largest Butterfly has a wingspan of around 11 inches.
Me: Makikirkiri.
S: It is found in Papua New Guinea.You know how they captured the first one?They brought it down with a shotgun!
Me: splutter splutter

About a couple of years ago was on a trip down into the Rajiv tiger reserve.On the road we crossed this place called Dindi. there was this huge reservoir there where we stopped off for some birding.As soon as we crossed the reservior we ran into a thick dense fog ..of butterflies. butterflies to the right of us butterflies to the left of us fluttered and fluttered.(Sorry Al.)

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