Friday, August 20, 2004

Hey! this is my 501th post :D as i always say quantity over quality.

Today is Nagapanchami....
Speaking of which...what is the opposite of Nagapanchami?
Nag-don't punch me.

Nagpanchami is one of the most cruel festivals mind you I am no fan of cobras..but even then, the treatment meted out to our non legged venomous friends(??) is inhuman to say the least.The Cobra kills for food and tp protect itself..not for some vague reason like to appease the human god by sacrificing humans...Of course we don't sacrifice snakes during nagapanchami...we remove thier venom glands,sew their mouths shut ,defanbg them...all by which,if they are not dead by the end of the day...they will be when u throw them away the next day after the drunken reveleries are finished.
We also proceed to drown them in milk.and other liquids . I dont think reptiles can digest milk...milk is digestible only by mammals..and that too young ones(mostly).
The festival supposed to celebrate the snake...ends up being one of the casues of its presence on the endangered list.

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