Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A lot of old friends were in town.That brought back many memories.So where better to harass people with details of my altu-phaltu past, than here right inCyberspace .No,no I dont mean an empty plot in Cyberabad baba!And by the way baba , the babu's gone as well.so no free land now.So yes,coming back to my favourite topic, mammaries..err sorry I meant memories...Was that a Freudian slip?What! Freud wore ladies underclothing? Man he really had issues(He had six issues,the eldest being Mathilde)
So yes now memory number one (also related to my other favourite topic).This is a great example of shamelesness,of chutzpah one may say(but then again....)
Ok.Flashback to adolescence.I will not prolong the torture..in short..boy likes girl.girl kinda likes boy.but wait all is not well in the state of Denmark.There is one complication.nahin nahin..not ladki ka baap yaar..The problem is ladki ka boyfriend.So now the sole solitary purpose of our young protagonist( for a few days) was to irritate him.And those of you that know the now aged protagonist,will vouch for the fact that he can be pretty irritating at times.So what he did was....... [Suspense Type Music]

What did our unevoled friend do..does boy get ladki.does strong boyfriend beat up our hero..Tune in next time to the Altu-phaltu world of Austra's past.... ting tong.

Kya aapke baal jhad rahe hai? haan.Naya H2SO4 apnaiye...na rahega baans.na bajegi baansuri.Ting Tong.

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