Sunday, August 15, 2004

I eat so much fried stuff that they should give me frequent fryer miles.Oil companies should give me a discount..err I mean companies that produce edible oil (down dubya,not that kind of oil).Hey! ITC produce edible oil.Great! they should give me a double discount.I am a frequent consumer of two of their products.Both of which are allegedly bad for health.I dont get it..see when we want to get rid of keeda makoda(ref old post) we fumigate right...that is exactly what I am doing..ridding my lungs of dangerous creatures..I should be more healthy after I smoke a ciggie..and even more healthy after smoking ahem organic err ciggerettes.But wait a minute what is this i hear you say that I must be in bad shape after leading this kind of unhealthy lifestyle...ha! I am in great shape..Round is a great shape init?

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